About us

Dimension Global Forwarding S.A. has been conceived to provide adequate solutions to the current problems in Foreign Trade and in the context of a growing globalization, where markets become more competitive. With more than 10 years in international logistics, we have successfully positioned ourselves in the market, being recognized by our peers, suppliers and customers. Since our inception, we have sought to develop long-term business relationships, streamlining service management processes, understanding that the development and financial cost of your company is as important as choosing efficient and reliable suppliers. Therefore, and convinced that today our customers are facing a more dynamic and competitive world, with constant challenges, we want to collaborate offering a comprehensive service, which greatly helps to improve costs and results. All of us who are part of Dimension Global Forwarding S.A. have as a priority customer satisfaction, generating a bond of commitment and respect in each operation, giving the support and security they need.


Provide integral logistic solutions of quality to increase the competitiveness of our clients, attending their needs and demands through a warm and personalized attention, with professionals who work together, generating a bond of trust and respect, thus achieving, a service to the measure of every client that allows us to grow together.


We aspire to continue consolidating ourselves in the market, offering to our people a work environment of which they can be proud, based on our professional, commercial and human experience and essence.


Honest, responsible and professional work. Commitment to our clients, focusing on their specific requirements. Attitude of service. Respect. Teamwork. Innovation and creativity

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